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Welcome to PARTY EXPERTS !!!

PARTY EXPERTS is a team of professional DJs and entertainers that has been hosting events since 1994. 

Our goal is to host the best events for every type of occasion.


⦁ Γαμήλιες Δεξιώσεις
⦁ Δεξιώσεις Βάπτισης
⦁ Βραδιές με  DJ στα Ξενοδοχεία  ⦁ Παιδικά Πάρτυ
⦁ Beach parties ⦁ VIP Party
⦁ Θεματικά Πάρτυ ⦁ Pre-wedding Party
⦁ International Weddings ⦁ Bachelor parties
⦁ Karaoke Πάρτυ  ⦁ Εταιριακές Εκδηλώσεις
⦁ LIVE / Συναυλίες ⦁ Εγκαίνια καταστημάτων
⦁ Αποκριάτικα Πάρτυ  ⦁ Πολιτιστικές Εκδηλώσεις
⦁ Σχολικές Εκδηλώσεις ⦁ Θεατρικες Παραστασεις


We co-operate with all types of event venues and we work with many large hotels in Crete.

PARTY EXPERTS offers a complete entertainment package for you and your guests which always takes your personal style into consideration. Each event is catered to each client adding their personal touch. 

We turn your event into a unique entertainment experience by adding deco lights, special effects, sky light moving heads, video projections, sparkle fountains, marquee letters, fairy & string lights and much more!!!


We offer beautifully detailed decorations and our professional presence is accompanied by our wonderfully lit DJ Booth! We have the know-how and the appropriate equipment to cover every type of event for 2-1000 people at the venue of your choice.


PARTY EXPERTS     Call us: +30 6972200110, +30 2810 823295

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